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Book Review - "Permaculture Gardens - Sow, Grow, Care, Share"

Monday, December 31, 2012

Kellie Bollard's latest book opens:

"Good design and lots of compost,
a little time and love,
sunshine, fresh air and water,
a shovel and some gloves.

A healthy eco system,
a garden full of creatures,
nature that is balanced
is what permaculture teaches."

The most experienced permaculturist will admit that there is a challenge in providing adults with a simple definition of what permaculture is about.  This would be the reason why children's books on this design system are few and far between.  Once again using rhyme and fun pictures, Kellie successfully engages and introduces children to the term permaculture and exposes them to some of its principles and ethics in creating a food garden e.g. valuing diversity, caring for the earth, sharing with others.  A concise glossary assists in further understanding words that may be new to some children.

"Permaculture Gardens - Sow, Grow, Care, Share" is Kellie's third children's book.  All three books are filled with beautiful photographs and rhyming language that will educate and inspire children as well as their parents, carers and educators with ways to care for our environment.  "Worms, the Mechanics of Organics"  was shortlisted in the 2012 Wilderness Society Environment Award for Children’s Literature; and along with Kellie's first book "In the Bin" is now on the NSW Premiers Reading Challenge booklist.  

We highly recommend that you purchase a set of all three books as a fantastic educational resource around sustainability for your family, service, school or library. Visit our Contact Page to register your interest in ordering. 

On sale through our online ecostore very soon! 

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