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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Fried Potato Cake (called Imomochi in Japan) - Kenshin

3 Peeled Potatoes (around 500g)
2 Tbs Potato starch
Rice Bran oil 
*25ml Soy Sauce
*50g Sugar
*25ml Mirin (Sweet cooking sauce)
*1 Tbs potato starch
*3 Tbs water


  1. Cut the potatoes to 1/4 size.
  2. Steam the potatoes until all soft even inside.
  3. During steaming mix the *marked ingredients together will in the saucepan and heat them with whisking well until thickened.
  4. Put the steamed potatoes into a bowl and mash them until smooth.
  5. Put 2Tbs potato start into the bowl and mix with mashed potatoes well until the potato starch powder has disappeared.
  6. Take some mashed potato with your hand to build a palm sized flat round shape for all mashed potato.
  7. Put pan-button-covered amount of oil on the frying pan and preheat the pan with high heat.
  8. After the pan is heated well, fry the potato cakes on the pan.
  9. Fry them until the both surface have been a bit brown.
  10. Put fried potato cakes on the plate.
  11. Pour the sauce over the fried potato cakes and serve them.

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