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Successful Early Childhood Compost Story

Friday, December 11, 2015

We started composting at our service three years ago after doing the Seed Harvest Spoon composting program. It took a while for us to feel confident and after some trial and error we have found the balance.

We now have four compost bins in operation with one usually resting.

Some of the items we have found successful are paper towels, food scraps, shredded paper from the classroom and office, newspaper, coffee grounds, tea bags and excess paper and cardboard from the collage area.

We add our paper towels to the compost at the end of each day.

We also encourage families to use the bins.

We don’t put bread or meat in our compost.

To make the process part of our embedded practice: we are mentoring other educators. Staff members have an allocated task to make sure the program is successful.

We stir our compost once a week and that seems to be enough to produce healthy soil for our garden beds.

Author Sue - EC Teacher St. Andrews Kindergarten Abbotsford & 
Education Facilitator Seed Harvest Spoon Education Foundation
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