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Permaculture Priciple: 'Self-regulate and Accept Feedback'

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Focus for May: Self-Regulate and Accept Feedback

We have resources at our easy disposal and quick fixes to solve our problems. This convenience can lead to complacency and overuse. It is very easy when things are in abundance to keep on taking without thought about nurturing or giving back to the earth to protect and sustain our valuable resources.

Through self-regulation and by taking responsibility for our actions, we can limit our use of resources such as water, energy, food, etc. Be mindful by learning and understanding where the resources we purchase come from, and what is involved in bringing them to us. We can be proactive and take positive steps to give back to our environment. Keep the circle of giving and receiving flowing.

Accepting feedback from the environment and those around us will help us understand that non-renewable resources are not an endless supply, but something that we need to nourish and support for future generations, so that they may benefit from them as well.

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