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School Holiday Garden Maintenance

Friday, December 13, 2013


Keep your worms cool this summer! Before heading off for the holidays make sure your worms are well cared for – check if someone would like to take them home for the holidays. 
Keep your worm farm in a cool shaded area away from direct sun – optimum temperature for worms is around 13 to 25 degrees. 
Top them up with food to munch through – small pieces please, so that when you arrive back you have nutrient rich vermicast ready to give your garden a boost. 
Keep your worm farm moist and clean - flush through around 5 litres of water, keep a bucket handy to collect the juice, dilute to the colour of weak tea to add to your garden plants.
Keep the worm farm tap open over the holidays with a bucket under to collect juice – this will prevent water build up and possible drowning of worms. 


Stir your compost to aerate, add some moisture and a small handful of dolomite to balance the pH. Cover your compost with a hessian sack and let the busy little compost critters do the work for you while you are away! If you have compost ready to be used add this to your garden in the top 10cm of soil adding nutrient rich humus to keep your garden plants and life healthy while you are away.

Garden Beds

Harvest as much produce as possible to prevent it from rotting or wasting over the holidays. On the last day of school hold a garden harvest stall and give produce to families – you could ask for a small donation to raise funds that will help to purchase plants or seeds for the new year. 

Mulch your garden beds with a generous layer of sugar cane mulch or straw around 5cm thick to add nutrient to the soil, help to retain moisture and protect the soil from summers heat. 

Water is essential in keeping your garden plants and soil life healthy. If you have an irrigation system set the timer to regularly add water to garden beds in the late afternoon or evening. Otherwise organise for watering volunteers through the holidays to maintain the gardens – community members that live close to the school are often keen to help.

Nourish add worm juice and seasol to help boost your plants immunity and promote microbial balance in the soil.

Protect your plants from pests – add some netting around susceptible plants to keep the pests at bay from having a feast on your garden plants.

Have a lovely holiday!

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