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Author Carolyn Nuttall endorses Seed Harvest Spoon

Friday, February 28, 2014

Thank-you Carolyn Nuttall for your endorsement of our work. We very much appreciate your kind words……...

"I much admire the work of the women of Seed Harvest Spoon. This small group of educators have banded together to design and implement very valuable programs in outdoor learning for young children.

Schools can take advantage of this deal: quality teaching, programs connected to the curriculum, sustainability education at a budget price. Their programs will inspire the child's interest in the natural world, skill them in areas of waste recycling, teach them about soil and growing food and more….

For the children, they will feel part of the solution, a concept introduced by Bill Mollison and aptly applied to the young. "Permaculture encourages the individual to be resourceful and self-reliant, to become a conscious part of the solution to the many problems that face us, both locally and globally."

I recommend the work of Michelle, Bree and the team of Seed Harvest Spoon to all primary schools and early childhood centres."

Carolyn Nuttall
Author of "A Children's Food Forest " and co-author with Janet Millington of "Outdoor Classrooms: A handbook for school gardens" February 2014

Client Testimonials

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thank-you to those of you who have provided us with such positive feedback this year.  We thought we would share some of your kind words about us with others who haven't yet experienced our incursions. 

"Throughout the year, Year 1 have been inspired by a wonderful company called Seed. Harvest. Spoon. who have shared their knowledge and sustainable gardening skills with the children over 4 insightful incursions. Year 1 enjoyed many hands-on experiences planting seeds and seedlings, developing our worm farm and compost systems, and learning about the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling." Jessica Heath, Teacher, Highfields Preparatory and Kindergarten School, Lindfield, Sydney

"Michelle Carrick came to our school in July 2013 to teach us about worm farming, composting, soil layers, bugs in our garden and microscopic organisms in the garden and the compost. We also enjoyed learning about collecting, planting and nurturing our seeds to grow strong and healthy vegetables. As a result we have a wonderful garden of thriving vegies that we harvest on Tuesday each week for cooking in our lunch. We love this aspect of our lessons, realising where our food comes from. Our class really appreciated the units of work Michelle had prepared to follow up on the practical lessons. We enjoyed the fun during the lessons and the information they presented. We looked forward to each lesson every week. We would definitely recommend Michelle and her team from Seed Harvest Spoon to any future school or group." Written by Codi & Abbey, Year 5, Southside Montessori School, Riverwood, NSW

"Our service was lucky enough to source the wonderful program offered by the team at Seed, Harvest, Spoon in 2013. We have had 4 workshops throughout 2013 with our 4 and 5 year old children and a Parent information session. All of the workshops were very interactive and informative and the children were very engaged in all of the hands on experiences. The Seed, Harvest, Spoon educators used lots visual and tactile resources and facilitated experiences that the children used to absorb information about sustainable practices and their environment. We have found that the children are knowledgeable and confident in sustainability and have included their families in all they have learnt. Seed, Harvest, Spoon has also been a great support for our educators in the implementation of our sustainability program. We cannot recommend them highly enough." Jenny Bickley, Director, St Andrew’s Kindergarten, Abbotsford, Sydney

"The range of workshops that are on offer link perfectly with a number of science and HSIE units we are currently studying. They are delivered by passionate and enthusiastic ladies who provide hands on activities that are highly engaging for students. A range of resources are used in demonstrations and each workshop has a literacy component which makes these learning experiences accessible to all students." Courtney Avramides, Teacher, Abbotsford Public School, Sydney

"Thank you to Seed Harvest Spoon for your all your support to the Sustainable Schools Network throughout the year. Your workshops have really enthused the teachers and local students." Bernadette Murray, Sustainability Projects Officer, City of Canada Bay Council, Sydney

"Thank you for the great presentation on worms. I'm really glad I came. Prior to the presentations I was a bit skirmish about worms and so wasn't sure how I'd go setting up and maintaining a worm farm but the way you presented them has given me a whole new respect for these incredible little creatures and has made me aware of the very important role they play in the ecosystem. I really admire the dedication and passion that you have towards your cause. Your enthusiasm towards sustainability and contributing to creating a better earth than what we found is very infectious. Thank you so much." Parent, Winston Mall Children's Centre

Click here for further information in relation to our workshops and programs

School Garden Profile: Riverwood Public School, Sydney

Friday, April 12, 2013

During Term 1, we have had a wonderful time sharing our “Lets Get our Garden Started” school program with students and teachers at Riverwood Public School. 


Organic gardening makes sense when we are harvesting and eating our beautiful produce.

In the past few weeks we have enjoyed lessons in the garden talking about precious water, worm farming, pests and predators and of course planting! In learning about these fundamental principles of the environment, students gain a deeper understanding of activities needed to keep our garden thriving.

Students and teachers are all feeling a new connection to the garden. The worm farms are flourishing, and whole school composting will begin in Term 2. 

Identifying the links between plants, bugs and animals in the garden and their interdependence on each other. The sun has a very important part to play!

The students, from pre-school to year 6, are active in their learning; practicing critical thinking skills, questioning, and problem solving. We are having a fantastic time being ecologists, soil scientists, bug detectives and organic gardeners.

Senior students looking for Predators and Pests in the garden. 

We have all enjoyed learning in our outdoor classroom, finishing a lesson with a handful of sweet cherry tomatoes wrapped in basil - our idea of paradise!

Some words from the School Principal:

"Michelle, Natalie and Bree from Seed Harvest Spoon have been working with the students at Riverwood PS on a program that has been designed to engage students and to educate them on sustainable practices.

In the short time the program has been running at the school the students have learnt about:

  • The importance of composting and how to compost effectively
  • Recycling
  • Worm farms and worm farming
  • How to plant seedlings
  • Wonderful water
  • Good and bad bugs in the garden

Students have thoroughly enjoyed the hands on experiences and the interactive learning. These experiences have had a positive impact on student learning outcomes. This has been especially evident in students’ writing. Teachers have been able to embed this learning across the curriculum, which has resulted in improved engagement and behaviour."

Daniela Frasca

And here's what the students have to say about the Program:

"This year we are learning about gardening with teachers Natalie and Michelle.  So far we have had lessons on water, composting and worms. We saw that the worms make worm juice in a bottle. We have our own worm farm now.

In the compost bin and in the worm farm we are putting the food scraps from our lunch and recess so the worms can make garden soil for the plants. 

In the garden we have been searching for insects. Some are pests and some are predators. We have also been growing lots of vegetables and we made pumpkin muffins and wrote a procedure. 

Natalie and Michelle are teaching us how to take care of our garden so it is healthy and fresh."

Brijesh and Mohamad


Michelle speaks about Outdoor Classrooms

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Excerpt taken from City of Canada Bay Council's Sustainable Schools Network Term 4 2012 newsletter. A short report on the talk Michelle gave on our experiences of the benefits of Outdoor Classrooms at our children's school - All Hallows Parish School in Five Dock, where we both volunteer each Friday lunchtime as the School Garden Club Coordinators.

Feedback from one of our clients......

Monday, October 15, 2012

Thanks Angie from Toxteth Kindergarten in Annandale for your wonderful feedback! We are thrilled that the children are sharing what they have learnt with their families.

Bree & Michelle.

"Hi Michelle, Bree, Natalie and all the staff at Seed Harvest Spoon. The children and families at Toxteth Kindergarten, Annandale are really enjoying your program! Some parent comments have included:
"the whole water cycle has been explained to me at home!"
"very impressive to hear our discussions about evaporation at home!"
The children have also been talking about the worms a lot and what they like to eat. We look forward to our final session about garden building and we are really enjoying putting all of our food scraps in our compost bin each day. Thanks Seed Harvest Spoon :)" Angie Amadei, Director - Toxteth Kindergarten, Annandale