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‘Nurture fresh thinking for a healthy world’

About Us

Seed Harvest Spoon is a registered Not for Profit operating from Sydney’s Inner West. We are passionate about sustainability, education, health and communities.

Our Vision

A world where all children can reach their full potential as healthier and environmentally aware citizens.

Our Mission

We engage with children and their educational settings to deliver outdoor learning programs that:

  •        Educate in food growing and sharing
  •        Promote biodiversity
  •        Enhance community health and wellbeing
  •        Support and grow connection to land through acknowledgment and engagement with indigenous educators
  •        Support community development and capacity building

Our Philosophy

We believe in the myriad benefits of outdoor learning for children as evidenced by research. We believe that involving students in gardening activities and natural settings in schools  through collaborative, hands-on, cross-curriculum, student-centred learning gives these benefits:
•  Bio-psychological
enjoyment, relaxation and lower stress levels 
•  Environmental
stewardship and care of the natural environment 
•  Developmental
enhanced physical, cognitive and emotional development 
•  Academic
better performance across all learning areas, connecting theory with practice 
•  Personal and social
improved attendance, improved behaviour, reduced playground accidents, reduced boredom, reduced bullying and vandalism.
We want children and their communities to experience the connections between people, plants, animals and insects and how we all rely on the same basic needs – air, food, water and shelter in a shared space. Understanding this web of life and natural cycles allows children to identify their place in the world and can be very empowering. 

We believe learning about nature, outside in a natural setting provides many opportunities for hands-on experience – engaging all the senses and catering for a broad range of learning styles.